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A member of the association may be a natural person, a legal person, a non-legal entity, both domestic and foreign, who agrees with the purpose of the association and wishes to actively participate in the activities to achieve the purpose and accepts the provisions of the articles of association.

Membership of the association is formed at the time of foundation upon registration into the association. After the formation of the association, membership is generated by the acceptance of the declaration of entry. The declaration of an entry shall be submitted to the Presidency, which shall decide on the membership within 30 days of the receipt of the request. After the decision is made it must be sent in writing to the applicant for membership within 8 days. If the application for membership is rejected, there is no legal remedy.

You can send your membership application form by e-mail: or by post: 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 187. 4/26. Hungary, Europe

Download the application form here.

Central European Polar Association -Közép-európai Sarkvidék Egyesület
1091 Budapest,
Üllői út 187.  4/26.
Magyarország, Európa



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