The purpose of the Central European Polar Association is the familiarization and dissemination of the culture of the indigenous people of the Polar region – Inuit, Saami, Nenets, Khanty, Evenk, Chukchi, Aleut, Yupik – and the Nordic European region in Central Europe. Bringing together people who are interested and committed to these folks; building a community network.

The Association is doing it by:

  • Building and nursing cultural connections
  • Organizing and conducting cultural community building, and community nurturing events (E.g.: trips, picnics)
  • Organization and management of language clubs
  • Publishing of books and publications, selling these books and publications
  • Support for disadvantaged children
  • Organizing and conducting arts and crafts courses and events
  • Organizing and conducting cultural events (E.g.: lectures, exhibitions, movie evenings, literary evenings)
  • Relationships with international and domestic organizations
  • Receiving volunteers
  • Submitting tenders
  • Making and Selling Gift Items, Selling Artworks of Polar and Faroese Artists
  • Creating a collection of books available for researchers and translators in Polar folk and Faroese culture, expanding and treasuring stock

Name of the Association:
Central European Polar Association (Hungarian name: Közép-európai Sarkvidék Egyesület)
Court registration number: 01-02-0016709
Tax number: 18943863-1-43
Bank account number: HU46 1620 0010 1007 3832 0000 0000 (MagNet Bank)

Central European Polar Association -Közép-európai Sarkvidék Egyesület
1091 Budapest,
Üllői út 187.  4/26.
Magyarország, Európa



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