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The operator of (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) fully respects the rights to the protection of personal data.


A summary of the principles and practical implementation of personal data management and protection is the privacy policy of


THE CONTROLLER: a natural or legal person or an organization that does not have legal personality, who or which determines the purpose of the data management, makes and executes decisions on data handling (including the equipment used) or executes it with a data processor entrusted to it.

Legal aspects of personal data management: Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the publicity of data of public interest

Act CXIX of 1995 on the Use of Name and Address Information Serving the Purposes of Research and Direct Marketing

Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services

Act XLVIII of 2008 on the basic requirements and certain restrictions of commercial advertising activities taking into account the data protection practices and recommendations developed during the activities of the Data Protection Supervisor.

PURPOSE OF DATA MANAGEMENT: Clear identification and distinction between registered users. Personalized service of registered users based on the information provided during registration. Sending electronic newsletters. Briefing on current information, news and developments. Collecting Visitor Statistics. Verify the smooth and proper functioning of the website. Preventing misuse. Learn about the opinions and comments of visitors to the website. Contact.

SCOPE OF PROCESSED DATA: name (first and last name), e-mail address, address, date of birth, date and place of birth, phone number, date of membership, date of subscription.


DURATION OF DATA PROCESSING: The controller manages the personal data that he or she has been legally aware while maintaining the purpose of data management. Simultaneously with the termination of the purpose of data management, personal data will be deleted at the concerned’s request.

PRINCIPLES FOR THE DATA MANAGEMENT OF EXTERNAL SERVICE PROVIDERS AND COOKIES: For the monitoring and webanalytical services and for the ads service of the Website, one also uses external service providers. Detailed information on the data management of these services can be found on the contact details of the external service provider’s website. (for example,, For the purpose of personalized service, the Website Operator places small data packets, so called ’cookies’ on the computer of the website user that are read back. If the browser returns a previously saved cookie, the cookie-handling provider can link the user’s saved data with the previous data from the user’s visits, but only for their own content. These help make the connection between the website and the website user faster and easier. Cookies can be deleted from the user’s computer or disabled in the browser. Usually, cookies can be accessed under the Tools/Settings menu of the browser in the Privacy settings under cookies or ’sütik’.

ABOUT AMENDING AND DELETING PERSONAL DATA: The person concerned may request that his / her personal data be modified (indicating the correct information). The person concerned may request the deletion of his / her personal data. In the case of deletion or modification of one’s personal information, one should contact us through the newsletter and with the contact details and links found on the website. The Controller performs the modification, deletion, and notification of the affected party by email.

DATA SECURITY: The Data Controller shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the safe, undamaged management of the data and the construction, management and operation of the necessary data management systems.

SCOPE AND MODIFICATION OF THE DATA PROTECTION REGULATION: The scope of the Privacy Policy applies to the Controller, and to the data acquired and managed. By using the Website, you agree to the terms and conditions described in this Policy. The Data Controller reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy. You can find out about the current privacy policy for this site on this page. After the change has entered into force, the Website user who uses the Website accepts the modified Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy entered into force on May 21, 2018.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Central European Polar Association, hereinafter referred to as the Data Controller:


  1. Right of access

The subject has the right to be informed by the data controller of whether his personal data is being processed and, if such data is being processed, he has the right to have access to this personal data and the information listed in the decree.

  1. Right to rectification

The subject shall have the right to request the Controller for the rectification of anyof his or her inaccurate personal data, without undue delay. Taking into account the purpose of data management, the person concerned has the right to request addition to incomplete personal data, including by means of a supplementary statement.

  1. Right to Erasure

The subject is entitled to request that the Data Controller, without undue delay, delete personal data concerning him or her and that the Controller is obliged to delete the personal data of the subject without undue delay under certain conditions.

  1. The Right to be Forgotten

If the data controller has disclosed personal data and is required to do delete it, he / she shall take reasonable steps, including technical measures, taking into account the available technology and implementation costs, in order to inform the other data controllers handling the data, that the subject has requested the deletion of the links to personal data or the duplicates of such personal data.

  1. Right to Restrict Data Management

The subject shall have the right to request that the data controller restrict his or her data handling if one of the following conditions is met:

  • the person concerned disputes the accuracy of the personal data; in this case, the restriction concerns the period of time that the data controller needs to check the accuracy of the personal data;
  • Data handling is illegal and the subject is opposed to the deletion of the data and instead asks to restrict their use;
  • the data controller no longer needs personal data for data processing, but the data subject requires them to submit, enforce, or protect legal claims;
  • the person concerned objected to data handling; in this case, the restriction applies to the duration of determining whether the data controller’s legitimate reasons prevail over the legitimate grounds of the party concerned.
  1. Right to data storage

The subject shall have the right to receive personal data made available to him or her  by a data controller in a fragmented, widely used, machine-readable format and shall be entitled to transmit such data to another data controller without this being obstructed by the data controller who originally provided the personal information.

  1. Right to Object

The person concerned has the right to object to the handling of his or her personal data for any reason relating to his / her personal situation if personal data are processed in the interest of the data controller or because of his or her public authority.



  1. Objection int he case of direct business acquisition

The Central European Polar Association may not use the personal data it has acquired for direct business acquisition purposes. The subject has the right to object at any time to the handling of personal data relating to this purpose, including profiling, if it is related to direct business acquisition.

Name of the Controller: Central European Polar Association

Address of the Data Controller: 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 187. 4/26.

Contact details of the Controller:,


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